"What is this?" Slideshow

For students to be confident when asking and answering the question, "What is this?"

This lesson is inspired by p26 of the One World 1 text book.

Lesson Plan:

1. Read and repeat the phrases “what is this?” and “it is a…”

Using the powerpoint presentations students chant the new words and phrases.

2. The game

In the students’ seated rows, or any predefined teams, they have to guess “What is this?” while seeing the slides on the powerpoint.  When a student knows the answer they raise their hand and once selected they stand up – then the whole class chants, “What is this?”  The student needs to answer in English with full sentence answers.  If correct, they get points for their team; if incorrect, another student has the chance to answer.


Due to the size of the original document this only contains the start of the quiz game. When searching for images to add to this, look for high quality images, as when they are cropped and stretched it can be quite difficult for students to see them.

Junior High