"What time is it now?" Binary Watches Edition

To practice asking the time and answering

An info-gap activity with an evil, mathematical component.  Show students how to read time on a couple different kinds of binary watches. Then, give the worksheets from this file to alternating rows. Have them fill in dots and then ask the student next to them to read the time.

1. Warm up and practice saying tricky times < 10 min

2. Show pictures of the binary watches and explain how to read them < 10 min

3. Info gap activity < 10min


Yes, high-level goodie-two-shoes will be able to easily figure out and enjoy this activity, but wouldn't you rather use it to confound those knuckleheads at your low-to-middle-level school? They think the watches are cool, and then they spend the rest of the time scratching their heads and drooling. Ha! Made you think, suckers.

Worksheet, explanation pictures