What would you like? Shapes

To get the students to obtain items for someone else using the phrase "What do you want?/What would you like?"


The students should have learned the phrases ‘What do you want/ What would you like?’ previously using food. Refresh this language. Also review shapes, size and colors.


Demonstrate the activity using the OTE /two students.

  1. Put the students into groups of 6/7. One student is the leader . They will hold the Puzzle Key sheet.
  2. Students take turns running to their leader and asking “What do you want?/What would you like?” The leader answers using one of the shapes on the Puzzle Key sheet. “I want/I would like a [big yellow square].”
  3. The student runs to a group of shapes on the ground, selects the correct one and returns it to the leader. If correct, the next person repeats this to get a second shape. If not correct, they must change it for the correct shape after the leader repeats what they want.
  4. Once all shapes are collected, the group arranges the shapes so that they match the Puzzle Key sheet. The winning team is the first team to complete this.
  5. To repeat the game, simply swap leaders, Puzzle Key sheets or teams.

This is a good way to review shapes, sizes and colors.

Other vocabulary can be used instead of that mentioned in the plan, for example, animals in a zoo, numbers in a code, ingredients for a recipe, etc.

Lesson Topics
7 Puzzle Key sheets, shapes that are in each puzzle key sheet, space to walk around