What's This?"

To teach students how to form basic English sentences and learn 5 shapes.

Type of Activity:  Whole Class Instruction and Jeopardy


  1. Introduce the lessons by identifying shapes: "The chalkboard is a rectangle. The fan is a circle." and point to what you are identifying while making the shapes with your fingers.
  2. Use the slide show to teach shapes in English.  Have the class repeat and find each shape in the classroom. Use the sentence, "It's a circle." Stress the word "a" and make a 1 with your finger. Put the printout of that slide on the chalkboard.
  3. When you get to the complex slides, have students identify the shapes in the classroom using complex sentences. Point to the chalkboard and ask students, "What's this?" and model the sentence, "It's a green rectangle". Point to the fans and ask, "What's this?" The answer should be "It's two white circles." After about 3 models, the students should be able to identify things in the room.*


  1. Before the game, if you have time, give students write-on white boards. Name shapes with numbers and colors (black and white) and have students draw them.*
  2. Put the students in 3-5 groups and make sure they can work with each other.*
  3. Have a representative from each group play Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who goes first and write the team names/numbers on the board.
  4. Have students ask for their questions in English, for example, "Blue for 300."
  5. After they speak with each other, count down from 10 and have a student answer. Award points.


  1. Try to take time at the end of the class to congratulate the winners and reflect on what they learned.

This lesson is best suited for a fast-paced educator. For this lesson, you cannot go on unless most students understand each slide.


Lesson Topics
PowerPoint, Computer, Large Slide Printouts, 16 tokens (small pieces of paper), 10 magnets, Pointer, (optional: whole class set of white boards, erasers, and markers)