What's this? / Is it a ~ ? Mosiac Guessing Game

Students practice "What's this?" and "Is it a ~?" in pairs using mosaic flip booklets

Model the dialogue with the OTE:
S1: "What's this?" (show #1)
S2: "何これ?! Oh, is it a cat?"
S1: "No, it isn't. What's this?" (show #2)
S2: "Hmm, is it a cucumber?"
S1: "No, it isn't. What's this?" (show #3)
S2: "Ah! Is it an eggplant?"
S1: "Yes, it is."

Have the students pair up along desk columns and rotate the columns to switch partners, or walk around and talk to random partners, or race in teams up and down the rows to complete the dialogue.
So many options.

-See attached doc/ppt.
-Print double-sided (1+2, 3+4, ...). Use the template as a test to make sure it lines up on your printer.
-Cut in half horizontally (there are 2 per page)
-Fold on the lines (so that #1 is on the front, #4 is on the back, and it flips open to #2, then opens to #3)
-Go wild and create your own using the template and any photo editing tool that can pixalate (I used http://www141.lunapic.com/editor/?action=pixels)

-Students may tend to just guess the word or use Japanese. Actively encourage students to use the dialogue format and form the questions
-Most students will have seen forms of the grammar before JHS, but:
-Watch out for- (a/an/no article), (this is/that is/it is), (What is this? / What's this?), (Yes, it is / Yes, I am), (This is a ~. / Is this a ~?), (No, it isn't / No, it's not <-confusing if it hasn't been pointed out these are the same)
-Review or point any of these pitfalls out as necessary

-Adapt difficulty as necessary. Could possibly be used in elementary in some form.

Junior High
mosaic flipbooks