"Where do you want to go?" Signature Collecting

Students sign a paper after completing the target phrases.


Review the key phrase and countries on the handout. All of the countries shown are within theEigo Noto books, though Spain is in Eigo Noto 1, and Canada, Norway, Greece, and Ecuador are all in supplementary areas of Eigo Noto 2.


  1. Start with a demonstration between the ALT and HRT.
  2. Students will mingle around the room and janken in pairs.  The winner will ask the loser “Where do you want to go?”
  3. The loser will answer “I want to go to ~.” with ~ being a country flag in a square that has not been signed yet.
  4. Once the loser has said the target phrase, they sign the box of the country flag they said.
  5. Students will have 5-8 minutes to get as many signatures on their paper as they can.  Once the paper is full, they should sit down. At this time, if you choose, the activity can end and students can get a sticker, etc., for completing the paper.

Extension: Bingo Game

  1. Call out a student number randomly.  That student must stand up.
  2. The class, as a whole, will ask the student “Where do you want to go?”
  3. The student will answer with “I want to go to ~.”
  4. Once the student has completed the target phrase, all students who have had their papersigned by this student may cross it off.
  5. Students get a Bingo when all the squares in a line are crossed off.
Lesson Topics
Country flags cards, Where do you want to go worksheet