Which House Will Be Robbed?

Students will write their own clues for a mystery

Students are going to write their own word clues for the ALT to solve “Which house is going to be robbed?”

1.) Students get into groups of 4.  In larger groups it is hard for all students to participate.

2.) Pass out a “Which house will be robbed?” sheet to every group (or every student if you choose).

3.) Explain that the students will be writing five to six of their own clues to help you, the ALT, solve the mystery of which house is going to be robbed.

4.) Students start by deciding the color of every house and which house will be robbed.  They can write this on the back, or if you don’t know kanji, above the houses on the paper.

5.) Review the vocabulary in the box.

6.) As students work, walk around helping with sentence structure, but be careful to not have them tell you the house being robbed.

7.) Once they are done, you can either read the clues and solve it in front of them, or collect them to solve them later.


This game works great after Spy Catcher from Speak Raku 2007.