Who is this?

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to ask and answer "What's this?"/"Who's this?" questions.

Quick review

OTE /ALT holds up pictures and ask “What is this? Students are to guess what the picture is depicting. (This should be a review topic)


OTE/ALT holds up pictures and asks “Who is this?” Students are to guess who the picture is showing.

Teachers may ask “Who is she/he” instead, to highlight the difference between the two.

Teachers have the students practice the new words and repeat after the teacher.


Students draw pictures of a famous person or character. Afterwards, some students get into pairs or small groups and ask each other who their drawing is showing. At the end, some students may present theirs to the class.

OTE/ALT can walk around and talk to individual students. Teachers may also draw one of their own characters or celebrities to demonstrate the second part of the activity. For the last part, the teachers call on students and help them present if needed.


Teachers explain how to do the worksheet and walk around helping students. Students are to write “Who” or “What” depending on the picture and response. And also answer “Who” and “What” questions. If there’s time, teachers can go over the answers with the students.

Junior High