Who Riddles

Students will practice listening, writing, speaking, and reading the target grammar point.

This lesson was created at Job Training 2012 by Aisling O’Grady, Elizabeth Taylor, Alexander Maas, Jason Davis, and Mairi Holtzner.

  • First read the students an easy example riddle based on a staff member or famous person/character.
  • Divide the students into groups.
  • Now read two more riddles and allow the groups to guess and gain points.
  • Now have each group write one riddle based on a classmate/teacher.
  • Have each group send a representative to the front to read their riddle. Other groups can guess and gain points.
  • Give the students a crossword with hints using the grammar point about their teachers or famous people/characters.
  • Example:

    He is a boy who wears a yellow hat.

    He is a boy who has a ship.

    He is a boy who is a pirate.

Junior High
pencil & eraser, 1 sheet of paper per group, crossword handout