Who is she/he? (extracurricular project)

Mini-project for use outside of class to reinforce the use of he & she

Ask the students to write 5 descriptive sentences about themselves as clues. The focus is using relative clauses.


I am a boy who has been to Korea.

I am a girl that doesn’t like sushi.

I am a girl who is in the volleyball team.

Ask the students to write their names and collect the sentences.

You can now use these sentences to have an ongoing quiz that you can use on your English board, on the afternoon radio show or as a warm up. You can type up a person’s hints and put them up on a bulletin board and allow students to submit guesses as to who it is. Students may be able to win prizes/stickers/points for correct guesses.

You can also say the clues during the afternoon broadcast to practice listening comprehension. 1st and 2nd year students can participate, too, because they can still understand the important parts of the sentences even if they do not understand the entire sentence.

You can also use them as a quick warm up for 3rd year students before going on to the main lesson.


This activity is meant to be a long term endeavor. It may also work better at small schools where students are more likely to know all the 3rd year students. You can do this activity within classes instead of the whole school.


Content Editor's note: You could also decrease the level to "He is~/She is~" so that all grades can try to figure out the clues.

Junior High
Paper for students to write clues, construction paper, glue, scissors, markers to make a poster for the ‘who am I’ activity