Will you (do these activities for polite language)?

Various activities that can be used to practice polite language, such as "Will you ~?" and "May I~?"

These ideas were brainstormed at SDC Jan 2017 in a lesson crowd-sourcing seminar. Many thanks to Joshua Gourdie, Matthew McClellan, Sarah Blackwell, Sara Shaw, Jian-xin Tay, and John Scanlan. 

Although the examples are for 2nd year grammar, they can be adapted for 1st and 3rd years as well. 

1. Go Fish: Instead of asking "Do you have ~" to get cards, ask "Will you~?" /"Can you ~?" / "Could you/would you~?" 

  • If you modify the cards, you could also use it for "May I~?" 

2. Janken favors autograph race: Students try to get every "favor" on their worksheet signed by walking around and asking their classmates. If they janken and win, they can get a signature; if they janken and lose, they have to try again with someone else. 

3. Polite vs colloquial: A good chance to introduce some slang and other cultural aspects of English. When is it appropriate to use can, will, could, and would? When would it sound weird/rude? 

4. Convo skit: Have the students change up the content in "Let's Talk", practice, then perform in front of the class. (I once had some magical kids buying planets at the store. It was AMAZING.)