The Zombie Game

Practice directions whilst guiding a partner

The children, who should have already practiced the directions earlier in class, are paired, told to get out their caps and then clear the classroom for all available space. Each pair jankens and the winner is declared the master and the loser the servant/robot/anything submissive really. The idea is that the master will give directions to its servants via the commands while the servant does not move in any way not ordered by their master. Additionally, the servants must wear their caps, white side up, while the masters wear their caps around their necks.

Following this, one lucky servant becomes the zombie and their master is now dubbed the zombie master. The zombie must switch their cap to red indicating that they are the zombie. The aim is that the zombie master must direct their zombie towards the uninfected servants so that their zombie can latch on and spread their wicked disease. Any kid who is touched by the zombie must then also become a zombie, switching their hat from white to red also. The game ends when there is only one servant/master pair left.

The game goes by quickly so you can easily repeat it and the students will almost always insist on it. It is advised at this point that each pair switch their role.

In explaining the game it will get the kids very excited so you need to lay down some ground rules.

  1. Everyone must walk slowly. If they don’t the whole thing can get a little crazy and the kids will quickly lose sight of the intent of the game.
  2. The master may not physically move the servant. The master kids have a tendency, if not told otherwise, to put their hand on the shoulders of the servant and push them along.
  3. If a servant is being chased down by a zombie it is important that they don’t start moving independently. They will frequently do this in order to avoid infection and so they need to be told it’s against the rules.
  4. You need to tell them that if they break the rules they’re out of the game. If you lay down the law whilst explaining the rules and show you’ll punish them, they’ll always respect the rules, even more troublesome classes.

Whenever a HRT asks me to add a game at the end of a slightly short-run lesson , the kids will always demand the zombie game if they’ve played it before, that and fruit basket. 

Lesson Topics
Hats (or anything that can distinguish servants from zombies)