Zombie Janken Game 2.0: Chaos Edition?

Practices vocabulary and basic Q&A-type grammar using the medium of a crazy (fun) game

Credit goes to Luke Orme for the the original conceptualization!

Attached are Word and PDF versions of the rules. Loosely bilingual (Japanese/English) for your convenience. (If there’s weird Japanese, I apologize.)

Zombie Janken  2.0 rules

Disclaimer: Kids + zombies + janken   = potential chaos. However, it usually doesn’t get too crazy even in a classroom.

  1. After going over new/old vocabulary and grammar, explain and demonstrate the game.
  2. Each kid receives a vocabulary card. (Just assigning each kid a vocab word is fine too, although this takes a little more time.)
  3. The kids wander around the classroom while repeatedly saying their vocab word or sentence (and pantomiming where appropriate).
  4. When two “zombies” meet, they say their phrases (or do a mini interview where applicable).
    1. If the “types” are different, they janken. The loser becomes the winner’s “type” and looks for other zombies.
    2. If the “types” are the same, they say, “friend” and go look for other zombies.
    3. When the teacher/ALT /timer decides it’s time to end the game, all of the zombies stop and return to their seats.
    4. Take a poll to see which zombie type is the largest!

Basic vocab / phrase example (different-type zombies):

Kid A: I like red!

Kid B: I like green!

(Janken. Kid A wins. Both Kid A and Kid B are “I like red”-type zombies.)

Basic vocab / phrase example (same-type zombies):

Kid A: I like red!

Kid C: I like red!

Kid A & Kid C: Friend!

(No janken. The zombies be on their way.)

Mini Interview example (different-type zombies):

Kid A: What color do you like?

Kid B: I like blue! What color do you like?

Kid A: I like purple!

(Janken. Kid A wins. Both Kid A and Kid B are “I like purple”-type zombies.)

  1. It is recommended that the vocab cards have pictures (especially for elementary school students). It is also recommended that the cards be laminated for reuse.
  2. Encourage good zombie behavior. That means a lot of pantomiming and speaking, and limited running.
  3. Janken trains might randomly form for no apparent reason.
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