Junior High
High School


Learn Facial Features with Prof. Oak

Objective: Learn how to describe facial features.
Duration: 1 Full Class
Elementary 3, 4

The Grinch Christmas Lesson

Objective: To review familiar vocabulary through listening to and watching the original Grinch cartoon, and to analyze the meaning of Christmas to other cultures through observation.
Junior High 1, 2

Can you guess who I am?

Objective: Guess Who? Activity based on asking “Can you…?” questions, listening, and writing practice in English
Duration: 1 Full Class
Elementary 6

Pen Pal Project

Objective: To heighten students awareness and interest in a different culture. To learn, practice and use English in a real world situation with the excitement of making new international friends.
Duration: 1 Semester
High School 2, 3

Let's Talk

Objective: To review lessons through writing, performing and listening to original skits based on the end of chapter "Let's Talk" dialogue.
Duration: 2 Classes
Junior High 1, 2, 3

Simple Christmas Presentation and Quiz

Objective: To introduce the basics of Christmas and do an easy quiz.
Duration: 1 Full Class
Elementary 5, 6
Junior High 1

Missing! (flashcard game)

Objective: Memorize new vocabulary
Duration: 5 - 20 Minutes
Elementary 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Classroom Objects Karuta

Objective: Learn classroom objects vocabulary by playing karuta
Duration: 5 - 20 Minutes
Elementary 3, 4, 5, 6
Junior High 1, 2, 3