Kobe Education Center (KEC)

Kobe Education Center (KEC)


Get off at JR Kobe Station or Kaigan Subway Harborland Station. Walk east (over the pedestrian bridge or underground via Duo Kobe) for 8 minutes.
Get off at Kobe Kosoku Station (via Hanshin/Hankyu/Sanyo Electric Rail). Walk east underground via Duo Kobe for 10-12 minutes.

Location type

A common location for training workshops and other events organized by the Guidance Division , including but not limited to Job Training , Spring Seminars , the Skills Developement Conference (SDC ) and ALT General Meetings.

Please refrain from eating and drinking in the KEC . Water and tea are allowed, but only in closed containers. 


KEC stands for Kobe Education Center and is called 神戸市総合教育センター (こうべしそうごうきょういくセンター) in Japanese.