Nagisa no Yu

Nagisa no Yu


Best route: Take the Local train on the Hanshin line and get off at Kasuganomichi Station. Take the east exit and walk south for 10 minutes. It is near the Red Cross Hospital. 

You can also take the Local train on the Hankyuu line and get off at Kasuganomichi Station, but the walk is 15 minutes.
You can also take the Local train on the JR line and get off at Nada Station, but the walk is 20 minutes. 

A sento (public bathhouse) that uses real hot spring water. In addition to the baths, you can get a massage or dine at the restaurant inside the facility. 

Drawn from a spring that runs 752 meters underground, the hot water ranges from 35.2°C to 42°C. Both men and women's baths have multiple types of indoor and outdoor baths, as well as a couple saunas. 

They explicitly state that they will refuse service to anyone wearing tattoos, so please be aware of the possibility that you may get kicked out. 

Cost (before 8% tax): 

  Weekdays Weekends & Holidays
Adults (JHS & up)  820 円 900 円
Children (ES) 400 円 400 円
Toddlers (3-5) 250 円 250 円
Infants 0 円 0 円
Seniors 650 円 650 円

While you can freely bring your infant into the facility, for sanitary & safety please refrain from allowing them in the bath water. 


Like with most public bathhouses, Nagisa no Yu provides body soap and shampoo/rinse, as well as hair dryers. However, you must bring your own towel, face soap, loofah, brush, etc.

If you have forgotten your towel, you can buy a hand towel for 210 円, bath towel for 520 円, or a set of both for 630 円. 

Store Hours: 

10:00 am-1:00 am (Every Day)

Open Year Round