Spark: Scone & Bicycle

A cafe that also loans out really nice bikes for a great daily deal!

The staff is very friendly and helpful.…

Nada Onsen Entrance

Nada Onsen

An old but charming local onsen that doesn't discriminate at all against tattoos!

Expect to see some Yakuza…

Post office building

Kobe Chuo Central Post Office

This is the big central post office in Kobe. It's convenient because it's one of the few post offices that are open…


Tenjin Tenjin Ramen

(山神山人). This is a ramen chain that makes some of the best ramen I've experienced in my short life. In particular,…

Kobe Gaidai (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies)

Kobe Gaidai (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies)

”Kobe Gaidai" is the nickname lovingly used by ALT
(s) for the Kobe City University of Foreign Studies. It is…

Nunobiki Falls

Nunobiki Falls

The revered Nunobiki Falls
has been the subject of art, poetry and worship for centuries – some of the poems…


SJ Kobe

An import store with a particularly wide range of snacks, candy, tea and alcohol from overseas. Also has cheese,…

Village Vanguard

Village Vanguard

The concept here is "bookstore and play", being both a book shop and general store. They sell books, interior goods…

Suma Aquarium

Suma Aquarium (Suma Aqualife Park)

An aquarium that almost every elementary school student in Kobe has been to, the Suma Aqualife Park hosts 600…

PI Sports Center

Kobe Port Island Sports Center

A sport facility on Port Island that was built in commemoration of the Port Pia Exhibition in 1981, the Kobe Port…


Trekking Over the Mountain to Arima Onsen

This is a personal favorite trail of mine that takes you up and over the summit of Mt. Rokko and down into Arima…


Max Valu - Oike

Your essential 24 supermarket located close to Hanayama
. It's really big and has a much larger selection than…


Troopcafe (Night Club)

An all-night Saturday club for those who dig the sweet sensual sounds of disco, house, funk, etc.

A chill and…

Kita ku Ward Office

Kita-ku Ward Office

This is the Ward
Office for Kita-ku and the place any JETs living in Hanayama
will be registered. You…


Futatabi Park

A quiet mid sized park with a central lake, located atop Mt. Rokko.


One of two primary sites where Kobe JET (s) are allocated housing.




Dango Izakaya

A relaxed, upper-scale vibe izakaya
with an affordable and delicious menu!

Staff will remember you…

Lima Coffee

Lima Coffee

A staple in the Kobe Coffee community. Located between both JR Kobe and JR Motomachi, and just south of the…

Meriken Park at night

Meriken Park

Pleasant place to take a walk, enjoying a beautiful seaside view of Kobe. Also hosts several events throughout the…

Flying Tiger outside

Flying Tiger Copenhagen (RIP)

A general lifestyle store in the Centergai shopping district with tons of items that are cool, useful, or both.…


Where the heart is

Kannonya Motomachi storefront


You can eat delicious sweets while looking at Buddhist statues (Motomachi location
only) and other delightful…


Yakiniku Rokko Sannomiya 焼肉六甲三宮

A good place for yakiniku (meat that you grill yourself at your table) in Sannomiya. Has several courses of tabe/…