Jam Jam (Jazz Cafe)

A chilled out cafe for the jazz lovers. Steady tunes of new wave and classic jazz on vinyl. 

Hosts a…

draft selects

Starboard Craft Beer Bar

A solid craft beer bar serving local beers from Rokko Brewery, with a knowledgable choice of foreign draft on…

Kobe Animal Kingdom 2

Kobe Animal Kingdom

Greenhouse-based park featuring tropical plants, birds & small mammals, plus interactive shows. You can come in…

Village Vanguard

Village Vanguard

The concept here is "bookstore and play", being both a book shop and general store. They sell books, interior goods…

Nada Onsen Entrance

Nada Onsen

An old but charming local onsen that doesn't discriminate at all against tattoos!

Expect to see some Yakuza…

Nim. cafe 1

Nim. cafe

Highly recommended cafe by the students of Rokko Island High School - has a nice atmosphere with the lunch menu…


Spark: Scone & Bicycle

A cafe that also loans out really nice bikes for a great daily deal!

The staff is very friendly and helpful.…

Kobe City Kande Nature Education Garden

Host location for the Kande Camp and Kande Camp Scavenger Hunt.


SJ Kobe

An import store with a particularly wide range of snacks, candy, tea and alcohol from overseas. Also has cheese,…

Suma Rikyu Park

Suma Rikyu Park

Located in Suma ward, this botanical garden was created in 1967 and modeled after the park in the Palace of…


Where the heart is

The Barber #1

The Barber 理髪館三宮店

Great, cheap haircut place. For ¥1,500 you can get a haircut, shampoo AND shave (even if you're sporting a mountain…

scenic view

Venus Bridge

Scenic view of Kobe with easy access via a short hike.

Window view

Greenhouse SILVA (グリーンハウスシルバ)

Forest themed paradise in the middle of a concrete city.

Great food, drinks, and atmosphere!



Tenjin Tenjin Ramen

(山神山人). This is a ramen chain that makes some of the best ramen I've experienced in my short life. In particular,…

hyogo prefectural museum of art front

Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art

A municipal gallery of art opened in Nada Ward in 2002, the museum displays more than seven thousand art works,…

Hanayama Coop

Hanayama Coop

The one-stop shop for basic necessities and food items for your friendly neighborhood Hanayamans. A bit more…

Kobe Gaidai (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies)

Kobe Gaidai (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies)

”Kobe Gaidai" is the nickname lovingly used by ALT(s) for the Kobe City University of Foreign Studies. It is a…


One of two primary sites where Kobe JET(s) are allocated housing.

Mosaic at night


Many fashionable restaurants with a gorgeous view. Connected to Umie mall via sky bridge. 

List of shops in…

Town hall photo

Kobe City Hall

神戸市役所 (こうべしやくしょ)

The location of the School Education Division, your contracting organization. Former…

Kita ku Ward Office

Kita-ku Ward Office

This is the Ward Office for Kita-ku and the place any JETs living in Hanayama will be registered. You will have been…