The Barber #1

The Barber 理髪館三宮店

Great, cheap haircut place. For ¥1,500 you can get a haircut, shampoo AND shave (even if you're sporting a mountain…

Elua diner

Elua Diner

Essentially the replacement burger joint for those of us who were all about some SB Diner.


Kobe Planetarium

Bando Kobe Science Museum

Containing the only planetarium in Kobe, the Bando Kobe Science Museum is a great place for everyone young and old…



Umie is a popular shopping center where you can find department stores, food and sports goods.

Kobe Trick Art Museum PA Amb

Trick Art Museum

A fun, interactive building in the Kitano area that was built in the Meiji era. There are six optical illusions that…

Flying Tiger outside

Flying Tiger Copenhagen (RIP)

A general lifestyle store in the Centergai shopping district with tons of items that are cool, useful, or both.…

Hanayama Coop

Hanayama Coop

The one-stop shop for basic necessities and food items for your friendly neighborhood Hanayamans. A bit more…


Where the heart is

Konan University - Nishinomiya

The Nishinomiya campus of the private educational institution Konan University. Many Kobe and Hyogo ALT (s)…

scenic view

Venus Bridge

Scenic view of Kobe with easy access via a short hike.

Kobe City Kande Nature Education Garden

Host location
for the Kande Camp
and Kande Camp Scavenger Hunt.

Suma Aquarium

Suma Aquarium (Suma Aqualife Park)

An aquarium that almost every elementary school student in Kobe has been to, the Suma Aqualife Park hosts 600…


Futatabi Park

A quiet mid sized park with a central lake, located atop Mt. Rokko.

Konan University - Okamoto

A private university with campuses in Okamoto, Nishinomiya, and Port Island. Konan University hosts Konan Chat!…

kobe imm office

Kobe Immigration Office

Important place for you to renew your visa and reentry permit. 

If you forget to bring a photo, there is a…

Stairs to the dental office

Kitano Dental Office

English speaking dentist right outside Hankyu West exit - clean, friendly, fast. Standard cleaning is about ¥ 2,000…


Trekking Over the Mountain to Arima Onsen

This is a personal favorite trail of mine that takes you up and over the summit of Mt. Rokko and down into Arima…

Mosaic at night


Many fashionable restaurants with a gorgeous view. Connected to Umie
mall via sky bridge. 

List of…

HAHAHA crepe storefront


Amazing dessert crepes place with a TON of options - they also have several savory crepes. Everything I've tried so…

Village Vanguard

Village Vanguard

The concept here is "bookstore and play", being both a book shop and general store. They sell books, interior goods…


One of two primary sites where Kobe JET (s) are allocated housing.