* School Education Division (Kobe City Board of Education, School Education Division, Human Rights and International Education)

Formerly known as the Guidance Division, the department that handles the affairs of ALTs and CIRs in Kobe City changed departments in April 2017 to the School Education Division. This is a brief disclaimer that some posts on kobejet.com prior to this date may still refer to the SED as the GD. 

How to send documents to the Education Division: Find a manila envelope designed for sending mail through the school mailing system. (You can ask the nice office lady for help.) On the envelope, write under each section: 

日付 (date) --> the date in MM/DD format

ボックス番号 (mailbox #) --> you can skip this

あて先 (to) --> 学校教育課 [name of CIR/supervisor]

送信者 (sender) --> [Your school name] [Your name]

神戸市教育委員会事務局学校教育部 学校教育課 人権・国際教育
こうべしきょういくいいんかいじむきょくがっこうきょういくぶ がっこうきょういくか じんけん・こくさいきょういく
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